why black rhino

To manufacture high quality specialized products that add value to your cleaning, restoration or maintenance work, establishing a standard of excellence in each process in which our products are used, offering a guarantee of keeping your surfaces in perfect condition, in order to convert in your best business alternative.

Our products and tools are designed for professional use, specialized in resolving needs of restoration, cleaning and maintenance properly, with this we guarantee that the time invested in carrying out each process is optimal and that the productivity is maximized.

All the products have been manufactured with high quality standards, as well as put to the test by the most demanding cleaning professionals, who have included them in their portfolio for generating an excellent return on their investment and at the same time having peace of mind when making their different processes with guaranteed products that generate excellent results, always exceeding the level of demand of its strictest customers, that is our commitment.


In Black Rhino we offer complete solutions, specialized products, tools and equipment necessary for the different processes of restoration, maintenance and cleaning of different surfaces, all in one place, now it is much simpler to buy everything you need for your business.

specialty areas

We design products for hard surfaces, either for a restoration process or simply keep your floors clean, we have a variety of products that will help you solve any problem that may arise, some of the areas in which our solutions specialize are:

If you want to be a distributor of our products, fill out the form and a specialist technician will contact you, we look for distributors for the United States and Mexico.

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